Celebrating Golden Jubilee Year

Family Councelling Centre

The College has a Family Counseling Centre which is funded by the Central Social Welfare Board. The aim of the Family Counseling Centre is to enable the students or clients to utilize their present resources most effectively in solving various problems. Its objective is to bring about readjustment in situations with a minimum of personality change rather than to delve into the sources of anxieties, stress and conflicts. The Centre Concentrates on the solutions of specific problems – academic, career, family and personal i.e. poor study habits, lack of self confidence, paternal conflicts, relationships, instability in emotions, peer rejection etc. which may be interfering with the person’s effective functioning.

The Family Counseling Centre also guides students to make decisions and plans regarding Educational, Vocational and other courses of action and thereby to make a correct choice. This means to select an occupation or educational stream according to one’s abilities, interests, needs and aspirations which would make an individual happy and successful.

1. Mr. Manohar Jadhav - MSW (Counselor)

2. Mrs. Avani R. Salaskar - MA (Clinical) & Counseling)

Timing: 8.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m.
Day : Monday to Saturday
College Bldg. Second Floor