Celebrating Golden Jubilee Year

Research Projects of Faculty

Research is an important component of higher educations. We at M. D. Shah have recognized its importance and have geared ourselves to make research an important part of our ‘Academic Ecology’. The results are seen in the research projects of our faculty.


U G C Sponsored Major Research Projects

Local History of Mumbai; Nalasopara to Malad: Dr. Ranjana Mishra Department of history. This has started in 2010-11 and is currently on.


U G C Sponsored Major Research Projects (Completed)

Role of Amar Chitra Katha in Sustaining Moral values along with good reading habits in older children: Dr. Mitalee Shome & Smt. Shubha Acharya (2001-02)

Child Labour in Orissa a Study of its socio-economic problems: Dr. S. C. Patra, Department of Economics (2005-06)

Ancient Metallic Utensils: Imparting Dynamism to market. Dr. Ranjana Mishra, Department of History (2006-07)

Biographical Novels in Gujarati literature: Dr. Kalpana Dave, Department of Gujarati, (2007-08)

Partition Literature a Pedagogical Approach: Smt. Sheena Soman, Department of English, (2007-08)

Indo-Vietnam trade relations- challenges and prospects: Dr. Ceena Paul, Department of Economics, (2007-08)

Ancient Myths: A Minefield of Wisdom: Smt. Prabha Krishnan, Department of English, (2007-08)

Sringar Rasa as an Aesthetic Experience in Sri Aurobindo: Dr. Vijaya Koppikar, Department of English, (2007-08)

Malcolm Bridge Model of Performance Excellence- Implications for a Edu. Institution in India: Dr. Deepa Sharma (2008-09)


U G C Sponsored Major Research Projects (On-Going)

Computer Assisted Teaching Learning in Financial A/C: Dr. Rajesh Chheda, Department of Accountancy, (2010-11)

A Critical Appraisal of Role of Colleges in Development of Economically Challenged Girl Students: Dr. Jayashri Mehta, Department of Commerce, (2010-11)

Emancipation & Empowerment of Women through Entrepreneurship & Self Help Group: Dr. Sudha Prabhu, Department of Commerce, (2010-11)

Marathi Dalit Ekankika: Ek Abhyas (1950-1975), (2010-11)

1857 Ka Sangharsh: Virodh ya Rashtriya Kranti: Mr. Manoj Mishra, (2010-11)