Celebrating Golden Jubilee Year

Arogyam Health Center

Arogyam Health Center

The Health Centre was planted on 16th October 2007. This centre aims at providing good health to students, staff members as well as the community.

To educate masses in areas of health, nutrition & hygiene including mobilization of community groups to better quality of life. To bring forth an attitude in students regarding healthy body & healthy mind. To create awareness of healthy living among students.

To help students to enrich themselves towards community service by practicing health consciousness & spreading the message.

Various Activity for Students

Aarogyam collaborated with Lions club of Juhu & organized a Thalassemia detection camp. With students from all the 4 medium of F.Y.B.A & F.Y.B.com. Girls detected minor Thalassemia are counseled by Dr. Ranjan Maniar & given medicines. Those girls who are anemic are treated & given medicines sponsored by Pfizer ltd.

Rally - For Various health problems in community.

Drama - AIDS awareness, pesticide , health women problem.

Lecture - Family planning, women menstrual cycle, nutrition, skin care, dental, preservation of stem cells cervical cancer, general cancer.

Updating the notice board

Various competition – poster painting, collage, chart preparation slogan, home remedies for maintaining the beauty, innovative techniques to replace the plastic bag, growing medicinal plants, quiz, essay.

Community level-Girls had conducted a survey & awareness programmed on diabetes & blood pressure at Hanuman Nagar Kandivali (East).

Various activity conducted for teaching & non teaching staff

Pathological test which includes lipid profile

Blood pressure


Cancer Test

Bone Density


Eye Checkup

Skin Checkup

Lecture on stem cells & cervical cancer

Aarogyam Health centre had organized the following medical test for Senior citizen

Hyper tension – BP & ECG

Asthma - Bretho meter and pulmonary functional test


Blood sugar random

Ophthalmic test - Glaucoma & Cataract

Skin & Hair

These tests are sponsored by CIPLA PHARMACEUTICALS Ltd.

Organizational structure of the centre at the college level

Principal - Dr. Deepa Sharma (Administrator & Adviser)

Mrs. Smita Vora (Convenor)

Mrs. Hemalata Mukane (Member)

Ms. Swarupa Apandkar (Member)

Mrs. Rekha Rao (Member)

Mrs. Marie D’Souza (Member)