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About the Subject
History is the continuum of events occurring in succession leading from the past to the present and even into the future. It is a discipline that records and interprets past events involving human beings. This subject instills a sense of belongingness to culture, society and nation.

It establishes identity and roots in time and space. Through various literary and archaeological sources, past is brought to light by the historians.to draw lessons for the present.

About the Department
In college, the study of Indian and World History gives students knowledge about the past. It enables them to relate the past incidents with the present or vice-a-versa and find out the appropriate solution for any situation.

The faculty uses modern methods of teaching like PowerPoint, films, slide show, news paper cutting, latest articles, discussion, debate, quiz and visits to places of historical/Archaeological importance. In order to have in depth information, the faculty also encourages students to visit different Libraries and visit all the web sites of history.

Students of the History Department pursue careers in teaching, travel and tourism, journalism and in state civil services.

Courses offered
Applied Components
History of Political Ideas (English, Hindi, Marathi)
Discipline Component
History of political Ideas (Marathi + Hindi)
History of Ancient India 2500B.C to 10th Century A.D (Marathi, Hindi)

A.C paper
History of Europe 1789 – 1964 (English, Marathi, Hindi)
D.C paper
History of Methodology (Marathi, Hindi)
History of India 1000 A.D to 1707 A.D
History of Europe

History of India 1857 to 1984. (Hindi, Marathi)
Women in historical perspective. (Hindi, Marathi)
History of Art till 15th Century (Hindi, Marathi)
History of Maharashtra or History of Gujarat (Hindi, Marathi)
Elements of Archaeology and Murology (Hindi, Marathi)

Vocational or Self Finance Courses offered
Travel & Tourism (certificate, Diploma and Advance Diploma) Modhi Script.

Career Options
M.A, History
M.A. Archaeology – (M.S.University Baroda, Deccan College Pune, Archaeological Survey of India, New Delhi etc.
Diploma in Numismatics (Karnataka University)
Diploma in Epigraphy – Banaras Hindu University
Diploma in Archival Science – (National Archives of India, New Delhi)
Diploma & Degree Course in Travel & Tourism – (M.D. Shah Mahila College) at Churchgate U.P.S.C. Exams

About the Faculty
Dr. Ranjana Mishra – H.O.D History, M.A, Ph.D.
A permanent member of Indian History Congress and Indian Social Science Congress, She has several publications in reputed National & International Journals. She has been invited to present her research work in India and abroad.

A resource person for refresher courses in different universities and various, seminars workshops etc. She has also written books for the Distance Education. She was awarded best teacher award in 2002 by Anarde Foundation, Mumbai. She is PHD Guide for SNDT university and M.PHIL Guide for YCMO unit, Nasik. She has successfully guided 3 students leading to award of M PHIL degree. She holds various academic positions in SNDT university.

Mrs. Seema Dalvi – M.A., Joined in 1990 as a lecturer
• An alumna of S.N.D.T University.
• Visiting faculty of M.A. at S.N.D.T University.
• M.PHIL in “Audh Vastusangrahalay”from YCMO unit,Nasik.

Mrs. Sonia Rane – M.A, Joined as a lecturer in 1993.
• Visiting faculty of M.A at S.N.D.T University.
• M.PHILin “INS Vikrant-Museum”from YCMO unit,Nasik written Articles in various NewsPapers.

Mrs. Hema Mukane – M.A., Joined as a lecturer in1996
M.PHIL in “Thane Jilyhatil Talasari Tulyakyatil Warli Samajachi Sthithi” from YCMO unit Nasik
Manoj Mishra - M.A, Joined as a lecturer in 2001.
Enrolled for Ph.D at Jaunpur University. His topic for PhD is Bhartiya Sanskriti and Orissa Ke Mandir.

Job Opportunities
Lecturer / Teacher
Travel & Tourism
Civil Services
Political Analyst
Content writer for web site
Art historian