150 Years Celebrating the Mahatma

Our Vision, Mission, Goals & Core Values

To enlighten and empower women to become instrumental in enhancing the quality of society



To provide education without discrimination to one and all.

To make economically and socially independent value oriented citizens.

To build competent confident, positively inclined individuals.

To expose academically weak students for higher education.

To encourage and help economically deprived students for higher studies. 


Strengthening the intellectual climate of the Institution through developing and supporting research.

Overall development of the students through extra-curricular activities, seminars and workshops.

Imparting skills for self-employment.

To address issues related to women both in the college and in the community.

To direct students for placement in work force.


Core Values:


Contributing to National Development

Fostering Global Competencies among Students

Inculcating a Value System among Students

Promoting the Use of Technology

Quest for Excellence




Social responsibility – “Societal well-being and benefit” refers to leadership and support including improving education, health care, pursuing environmental excellence, being a role model for socially important issues, practicing resource conservation and performing community service and charity.

To realize the value of Social Responsibility the following actions are undertaken: -

Education to first generation learners

JSS Skill Academy

NCC, NSS, Aarogyam & Department Community Outreach programs

Moti Pustakalaya (open to the general public)

Counseling center (open to the general public)


Focus on Future – Ensuring an organization’s sustainability by understanding the short and longer-term factors that affect organization and marketplace. A focus on the future includes developing leaders, workforce, accomplishing effective succession planning; creating opportunities for innovation and anticipating societal responsibilities and concerns.

To realize the value of Focus on Future the following actions are undertaken: -

Professional courses

Skill development courses for students (open to the general public)

BAFI & Animation

Add-on courses by departments

100 hrs computer training



Stress on innovative, out of box thinking – A major success factor in meeting competitive challenges is innovation. Innovation in education involves a different way of looking at problems and solving them. The thinking process that goes into it will help students develop their creativity and their problem solving skills.

To realize the value of Stress on innovative, Out of box thinking the following actions are undertaken: -

Audit- Academic, Library, Support services

Creating Leaders- Discipline, Health & Grievance in charge among Students

Novel annual exhibitions

Health Projects

E-bulletin, IQAC Newsletter

Quality Circle projects by students & workforce



Visionary Leadership – Organization’s senior leaders set directions and create a customer focus, clear and visible organizational values, and high expectations for workforce.

To realize the value of Visionary Leadership the following actions are undertaken:-

Participative Leadership

PES –multiple leaders

Student-centric approach

Focus on future through new programs, research & 360˚ feedback

Creating new infrastructure

Strategic Plan



Management by Fact- Organization depends on the measurement and analysis of performance. These measurements should derive from needs and strategy, and they should provide critical data and information about key processes, outputs and results.

To realize the value of Management by Fact the following actions are undertaken:


Result Mapping



Quality Tools – 5S, Kaizen, Ishikawa

Best Practices and Cross Industry benchmarks