150 Years Celebrating the Mahatma

Janseva NGO

Janseva is a Non Government Organization registered under Charity Commissioner of Mumbai to work for the welfare of senior citizens, school drop out children and the youth. The aim of this organization is to provide alternative to the groups to create a better society. Senior citizens although an asset to the society are left out from the process of development, while children and youth who are seen as the future citizen of the Nation are not considered in the mainstream of society – Due to various problems they are going towards darkness instead of coming to light. To achieve this NGO has initiated three projects ‘Umang’– to help senior - citizens, ‘Prayas’ to guide youth and ‘Sakaar’ to help school drop – outs. It is an attempt to bring “Ray of Hope” among these underprivileged groups. The idea behind initiating the center is to provide emotional & moral support to senior citizens and use their expertise in different ways.

Secondly, it aims to prevent the anti social behavior among children and the youth by providing alternatives for their problems.

During its inception NGO organized programmes for senior citizens and youth with the aim of creating awareness about various problems and to provide alternatives to overcome them.

Janseva also intends to work in close association with other groups ‘MARG’, NSS others NGO’s and Colleges in Mumbai.