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Incubation Centre


Dr. M I Patel incubation centre for entrepreneurship believes that women entrepreneurship is not only a critical driver of economic growth but also a facilitator of women empowerment.

The centre strives to stimulate economic growth, employment opportunities and social wellbeing of students & alumni of Shri. M. D. Shah Mahila College of Arts and Commerce Malad, resulting in job creation and poverty reduction.

Objective of the Incubation Centre

    • To create tinkering lab for the students from different disciplines work together and helping them to grow into multi-disciplinary, multi-talent resource unit.
    • The aim of Dr. M.I Patel Incubation centre is to promote culture of entrepreneurship among its students and alumni network.
    • Creating an ecosystem to nurture start ups by the students in the institute campus. 
    • Providing platform and collaborating with different stakeholders to foster start ups within the campus.
    • Encouraging students to be Job-Creator rather than Job Seeker.
    • The centre aims to nurture early stage seed funding, advice and basic infrastructure.

Support Provided by the Centre

    • Encouraging students from all backgrounds to come forward with their innovative ideas and providing them a platform for exchanging their ideas with students from other disciplines.
    • Providing support of experts from a varied background to study and shape their proposals.
    • Encouraging the teamwork involving the students from different departments and offer a unique platform to think independently.
    • Providing relevant knowledge base by providing those hands on experience of marketing & selling the products.
    • Help in producing successful and financially viable start-ups that can survive on their own. Also building a revenue model for them.
    • Getting students closer to the industry and their interaction with the entrepreneurs so to understand the industry demands. 

Selected Areas for the Centre:-

Handicrafts, Digital media, textiles, apparels, food industry, recycling of products, beauty & grooming.